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Today, every company is a technology company. Yet over time all organizations inevitably accumulate legacy systems, antiquated processes, and technical debt. Remaining competitive requires baselining company capabilities, understanding how those capabilities stack up against the competition, the bolstering corporate strengths in order to increase differentiation.


Business Consulting Offerings

Digital Transformation

Enterprise systems such as point of sale (PoS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and marketing technology (martech) stacks must be routinely modernized to meet customer and compliance demands; yet the these systems also need to remain functional in order to run the business. Like changing the tires on a moving car, maintaining the balance between modernization and operational stability is always a challenge.

By taking a macro-level view of multiple systems and processes, Center Mast has the expertise and methods to not only design future-state solutions, but transitional architectures to bridge the gap between current-state pain and future improvement. Center Mast has designed technology solution architectures that have enabled household name brands to take advantage of programmatic digital advertising, unified identity management, and move countless on-premises applications to the cloud.


Capability Development

Tired of having tooling conversations with functional leaders? Up-level the conversation by focusing on capabilities. 

Capabilities are collections of people, process, and technology. Rather than focusing on individual tools like Marketo or Oracle ERP, a capability describes what you want to achieve before delving into the how. Examples of top-level capabilities include sales and marketing management, financial management, and compliance. Each business capability has multiple supporting child capabilities and processes, and of course, plenty of technology infrastructure. 

Building a roadmap based on capabilities ensures that the enterprise is focused on its north-star goal versus chasing the infinite waves of tooling and technology fads which come and go. 


Strategic Planning

Do you know where you company will be in 1, 3, and 5 years?

Building a Powerpoint presentation with mission statements and goals is easy. Yet operationalizing that strategy is one of the hardest things a company will ever do. To be successful, the corporate culture needs frameworks that are simple to track and easy for all to understand. From long-range mission planning to near-term OKR development, Center Mast can rapidly deliver performance management roadmaps in the amount of time it takes larger consulting firms to form a team and schedule the first kickoff meeting. 


Leadership Assessments

Executives often inherit functional areas they are not intimately familiar with. Navigating team churn, varying opinions, and conflicting strategies often requires and outside perspective. Within the technical disciplines, Center Mast has conducted departmental and individual leadership assessments across information technology, software engineering, and technology infrastructure management domains. On the business side, Center Mast has helped source senior product and marketing professionals, and has compiled “get-well plans” for numerous digital marketing and sales technology platforms.


Roadmap Planning

CMOs, CIOs, and CTOs all have a numerous programs to manage simultaneously. Therefore its no surprise none of these leaders have the time to put together in-depth presentations to tell their story of where they are today, key challenges, and where they need to be in the future. 

Acting as a peer thought partner, Center Mast helps these leaders by quickly ascertaining the salient points of the leader’s journey, and filling in the gaps so they can focus on running the business. Like a force multiplier, Center Mast embodies the leader’s mission, tactics, and principles to ensure the detailed roadmap aligns to the individual leader’s style. So, until leaders can clone themselves to create more time, there is Center Mast consulting!


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