As the popularity of CDP and customer 360 platforms climbs, so too do the challenges. Here are six common issues to anticipate when building account 360 solutions.

IT and engineering leaders often grapple with the decision to centralize functions, or permit a degree of controlled redundancy within the company to facilitate agility. Striking a balance can be challenging, but here are some pointers to guide the way. 

As 2020 comes to an end, I wanted to write a quick article on five digital marketing techniques which I feel can be improved for 2021 and beyond.

November 11, 2020 David Torre Blog

Gamifying M&A

M&A may be inherently complex, but that’s not to say it cannot benefit from repeatable processes. Moving M&A from a decision shrouded in secrecy to a transparent and systematized process may be the key to decreasing both risk and complexity. 

One of the indicators of a mature EA practice is the collection and measurement of metrics. Metrics themselves are not about ticking some bureaucratic box, but rather, keeping EA focused on an agreed-upon mission. This not only lends standardization to the EA practice, it prevents architect burnout by being spread too thin.

Architecture, whether at the enterprise level, domain level, or solution level often describes a target / ideal state. Yet the leap from the as-is landscape to the future state is often significant and requires intermediate architectural states. Getting these transition architectures right can mean the difference between future state success or failure. 

Mergers and acquisitions can represent unnerving territory. Yet by borrowing some hard-won lessons from product management, M&A can become both manageable and predictable using the tools explained here. 

Most EA practices are adequate. A select few are outstanding. Some are downright beacractic and frankly not useful. So is there a secret sauce for making EA outstanding?

Intro Of the many challenges I observe CIOs endure– perhaps the most painful is proving the efficacy of IT itself. IT leaders must constantly educate their peers around what IT actually does in the 21st century, and how these IT capabilities are crucial to the health and success of the business. Most often, these challenges […]

An underutilized resource, benchmarking is often lost in the shuffle of opinions from internal leaders and external consultants. Yet benchmarking is a powerful tool which leverages inexpensive observation over costly trial and error. 


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