Offshore Appeal IT departments offshore specific functions for a wide range of reasons. Reducing costs, obtaining manpower “on-demand,” or simply tapping into a broader pool of skillsets are all legitimate needs which can be satisfied with a managed services provider that has a strong offshore labor capability. Yet graduating to an offshore model is similar […]

I often present enterprise application portfolio views to C-level executives. I convey color-coded views of company applications, grouped by function such as financials, CRM, communication and collaboration (CoCo) tools, and so on. Something a bit like the following: Discussions often emerge around reconciling figures between systems. For example, it’s not uncommon for the sales system to show slightly […]

Over the years I’ve spent a fair sum of money on IT products and services, and to be perfectly honest, I’ve always wanted to spend more. But poorly written IT contracts– whether new or inherited– have imposed limits on my buying power. Like a wet blanket sapping a once brightly-lit candle, unfavorable contract terms can […]

Background Given the security headlines of today, executives routinely ask me what they can do to shore up their defenses, and more often than not, how to commence new security programs. The logical starting point for many corporations seems to be commencing with some type of security assessment. Examples include security scans, penetration tests, social […]

SaaS has become the defacto delivery model for business applications today. Yet these cloud applications have two faces: one for end-users, and the other for machine automation. Each requires a special degree of security scrutiny.

“Defining success” sounds like a track that belongs at some second-rate professional networking event. You know the type: the smell of stale coffee wafting across a dimly-lit room where all you can make out are the the keynote speaker’s bleached-white teeth protruding from his motor-mouth that never stops spewing overly-obvious “advice” into the venue’s cheaply-made […]

In conversations with both executives and IT staff alike, there’s often confusion around how “true” infrastructure as a service solutions such as Amazon Web Services or OpenStack differ from a traditional hosting arrangements. By “traditional,” I’m referring to colocation facilities hosting one’s own (likely virtualized) servers, network and gear, and storage equipment. As such I […]

Today I took a moment and reflected on the nearly two decades I’ve spent designing and maintaining numerous vulnerability management programs. I’ve used a variety of tools along the way: AppScan, Nessus, Qualys, Burp, Metasploit… you name it. I’ve built custom reporting dashboards, and compiled reports for developers to executives and just everyone in between. […]


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About David Torre

David Torre is a business technology veteran with years of experience coupled with degrees in both information systems and business intelligence. This combination of skills has enabled David to provide enterprise solutions to well-known companies who face some of the toughest challenges in the business world today.

David currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where he runs Center Mast, LLC.