Competitive Intelligence

Meet Center Mast CI

Center Mast competitive intelligence (CI) is a niche competitive intelligence tool intended to provide time-challenged executives with a brass-tacks view of their competitors. All dashboards are completely customized per our client’s specifications so that only relevant information is delivered in a timely fashion. Example dashboards are shown below.

Macro Market View: Baby Monitors

This dashboard shows the total addressable market (TAM) for baby monitors and compound annual growth rate. It also shows search traffic trends, and brand recognition. Report_2019100620191104 (2)

Private Brand View: Owlet Baby Care

This dashboard examines the privately held company Owlet. It covers social media metrics/sentiment, digital ad spend, and keyword competition. Report_2019100620191104 (1)

Public Brand View: Cision

This dashboard covers similar metrics to those of the private dashboard, plus financial metrics published via the SEC. Report_2019100620191104

Brand Damage Control: PG&E

This dashboard was built during the October 2019 mass power shutdowns throughout California. It gathers a pulse from social media based on negative sentiment and tracks which (negative) Tweets are trending.Report_2019100620191104 (3).png

How Center Mast CI is Different

Most competitive intelligence solutions are commodity products. As a user, you key in one or more competitors, and the tool inundates you with “signals” such as Tweets, website page changes, and so forth. It’s virtually impossible for busy executives to make heads or tales of all the minutiae, as much of the information flooding your inbox is insignificant tactical detail. Center Mast leveraged its expertise in internal business intelligence to build competitive intelligence dashboards based on custom metrics. In other words, all Center Mast CI dashboards are built to order so that users see only relevant competitive metrics at the right time.

The Problem Space

The C-Suite needs to understand the competitive landscape from a non-biased point of view. However, most information CxO’s obtain is any combination of:
  • Sporadic – Competitive intelligence is rarely done in a routine fashion. Rather it’s conducted in ad-hoc fashion; usually as a result of an event such as interest in acquisition or flat/declining sales.
  • Biased – Much of the competitive intelligence is done “in-house” by either product management and/or marketing. As such, the research is often product or brand focused and lacks objective perspective towards dimensions such as finance, operational efficiency, and growth sustainability.

Unanswered Questions

CxOs have questions (yet not answers to) the following questions: Macro-level (market) questions:
  • How big is our market?
  • Is it saturated, or will it continue to grow?
  • Who are the movers and shakers in our market?
  • What market(s) should we enter in the future?
General competitor questions:
  • Who are our competitors, and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Who are our competitors partnering with and/or acquiring?
  • Who should we partner with and/or acquire?
  • Who are we losing our customers to?
  • How are we perceived by customers / prospects in comparison to the competition?
  • Who are our competitors’ top clients, and can we poach them?
  • What are our competitors revenues?
  • What are our competitors financial trends? (Gaining, declining, or flat?)
  • How is their cash flow?
  • Who’s investing in them?

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