Digital transformation is the continuous reshaping of technology, process, and human skills that enable an organization to remain nimble and competitive.

Today, every company is a technology company. Yet over time all organizations inevitably accumulate legacy systems, antiquated processes, and technical debt. Remaining competitive requires baselining company capabilities, understanding how those capabilities stack up against the competition, the bolstering corporate strengths in order to increase differentiation.


Examples of Digital Transformation

Leveraging Data as a Differentiator

Turning raw data into actionable information is a game-changer for information-centric and high-tech businesses. From Amazon to Stitch Fix, the brands who can separate the signal from the noise are capitalizing on significant margins of competitive advantage.

Although data may be the new currency in the information age, many organizations are sitting on stockpiles of raw data that never sees its full potential. Data may be locked up in legacy operational systems, constrained by poor quality, or simply never inventoried in the first place. Regardless of the cause, the effect is the same: organizations are sidlining one of their most valuable assets.

Center Mast designs business intelligence and predictive data analytics solutions that quickly yield insights without needing to wait months or years for the rest of the enterprise to modernize. By taking an iterative, cloud-centric approach to data an organization can capitalize on low-hanging fruit first while simultaneously building out an long-term data platform. Center Mast has deep experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) data solutions, as well as Snowflake, Hadoop, and Hive.

Technology Modernization

Enterprise systems such as point of sale (PoS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and marketing technology (martech) stacks must be routinely modernized to meet customer and compliance demands; yet the these systems also need to remain functional in order to run the business. Like changing the tires on a moving car, maintaining the balance between modernization and operational stability is always a challenge.

By taking a macro-level or “enterprise architecture” view of multiple systems and processes, Center Mast has the expertise and methods to not only design future-state solutions, but transitional architectures to bridge the gap between current-state pain and future improvement.

Center Mast has designed technology solution architectures that have enable household name brands to take advantage of programmatic digital advertising, unified identity management, and move countless on-premises applications to the cloud.


How Center Mast Can Help

Transforming an enterprise to make better use of data or to modernize a key technology stack doesn’t happen overnight. However, it should not take years of effort nor armies of expensive consultants to get started, either.

Center Mast combines industry-standard models with constantly-updated best practices to quickly identify areas of improvement and to build roadmaps which internal teams can then run with on their own. Put simply: Center Mast delivers world-class results, in expedited fashion, at a fraction of the cost offered by “larger” consulting firms.


What to Expect with Center Mast

Transforming an enterprise is a journey. Your company’s journey may begin with an examination of the company itself (the internal perspective), or with an analysis of the external market. Understanding the gaps between internal capabilities and external demand leads to identifying and scoring various opportunities. Each opportunity can have its own roadmap and measurement for development success. Yet regardless of where you are in your journey, Center Mast can help, and has a proven track record of success with many well-known companies.

Perhaps best of all: delivery is rapid and iterative. And as a boutique consulting firm, your main point of contact will always be one highly seasoned consultant who understands your business, your needs, and your expectations.


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