Technology Consulting


Unlike general integration consultants who only focus on a particular product, Center Mast focuses on the end-to-end, cross-functional solution. From business capability mapping, to business process design, down to the design of enterprise CRM and ERP systems, Center Mast produces end-to-end solution architecture.

Technology Consulting Offerings

Sales and Marketing Technology Consulting

Bridging the gap between outbound sales, customer success, inbound digital marketing, brand marketing campaigns means coalescing cross functional programs (such as lead generation and marketing attribution) among different teams and tech stacks.

The martech landscape boasts over 7,000 applications, and is expected to get even larger over time. Meanwhile, CMOs and chief revenue offers wonder whether they’ve made the right investments, and whether their technology stacks are future-proofed.

Pulling together operational ESPs, DMP/CDP platforms, and ad tech stacks requires a holistic approach; especially when analytical metrics need to be captured across multiple systems. This simply will not happen without an overarching strategy and roadmap, and Center Mast has done exactly this for some of the largest and well-known brands in the world.

Data Analytics Consulting

When it comes to data strategy, Center Mast literally wrote the book.

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Amazon data lakes. Snowflake cloud data warehouses. iPaaS platforms. Reporting tools. It’s fair to say the business intelligence and data science tooling space has become crowded, and will only grow as companies realize data is the new currency of the customer. Fortunately, unlocking the value of data doesn’t always require millions of dollars in investments. Contact us to learn how Center Mast can help you realize the value of your enterprise data.

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