I’m an enterprise capability builder.

I take executive aspirations and make them real. I’ve built large-scale solutions for well known companies including Sony, Dropbox, and many others. There’s a good chance you’ve already used one of my solutions on the Internet.

I can fly at different altitudes; from building and leading teams to rolling up my sleeves coding a proof of concept. I love data and analytics. I really enjoy bringing others along for the ride as well through mentoring and developing my direct reports. There’s great satisfaction in developing a team who no longer need me. 

Recent Achievements

  • Assisted a Berkshire Hathaway company CTO in building a software engineering tiger team

  • Assisted CIO of a $1.4B cloud storage company to instantiate a new IT department

  • Designed marketing platform solutions such as data management platforms and email service providers, serving millions of customers
  • Developed multi-ERP consolidation strategy for international gaming company merger
  • Instantiated three enterprise architecture practices in the past 2.5 years

  • Conducted a pro-bono IT transformation project for a non-profit victim services shelter

  • Deployed countless POCs in AWS using predominantly serverless architectures (Athena, Lambda, etc)

  • Developed AWS-based CICD platform for DevOps and web software engineering teams

  • Developed enterprise capability maps to aid in digital transformation and M&A decisions

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