Enterprise Data Strategy: The Manager’s Survival Guide

In this age of information, our minds are permeated with an endless barrage of data that is becoming increasingly difficult to filter through.

This is especially true for anyone charged with defining an organizational data strategy, as this role demands that they assess and interpret a wealth of information in order to design an effective data strategy.

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Enterprise Data Strategy

With this eBook, we’ll identify some of the key areas that you should consider when designing and implementing a strategy for your organization. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Why terminology matters
  • The differences between operational and analytical data
  • How to report and analyze paradigms
  • Structured and unstructured data
  • Understanding “big data” and data delivery systems
  • And more!

This eBook is here to help you design solutions that are specific enough to meet the business requirements at hand, but also accessible enough to be easily repurposed when your business inevitably needs to undergo another change. Download it today and get started!