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  • I2O
    Idea to offering. An enterprise process which details how products and services are launched. This includes product inception (idea), to product development, to sales and marketing (offering). - Read More
  • iPaaS
    Integration platform as a service. In iPaaS is low-code and/or no-code environment which simplifies data integration between systems; be them on-premises or SaaS-based. Unlike custom-developed data engineering platforms, iPaaS solutions lower the barrier to entry with data integration and(...) - Read More
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  • MSA
    Master services agreement. Most business relationships involve one or more contracts, typically delivered in the form of an . While SOWs cover contract specifics, an MSA is an overarching set of general language. For example, a long-term business(...) - Read More
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  • NPI
    New product introduction. A subprocess of I2O focused on the latter stages of product introduction, specifically bringing new products to market. - Read More
  • NPS
    Net Promoter Score. A common metric used to gauge customer satisfaction or loyalty with a company. NPS questionnaires are intentionally minimal, and use an ordinal numeric range of -100 (lowest score) to +100 (highest score). Other similar test metrics have been derived from NPS, such as(...) - Read More
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  • OKR
    Objectives and Key Results. OKRs are a component of an overall enterprise performance management (EPM) program. Objectives are qualitative goals, and key results are quantitative measures of success. OKRs are strategic in nature and should be created in sparing manner. An organization should(...) - Read More
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  • SOW
    Scope of work. A SOW (sometimes pronounced "sau-w") is a legal contract that outlines the worked to be performed by a service provider such as a contractor, consultant, or software-as-a-service company. One or more SOWs are typically created under a single MSA. - Read More