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At the end of the day, you care about results. At Center Mast, your success and our success are one and the same. With a common goal at hand, both client and consultant move the same needle.

Center Mast was essential in rapidly identifying the needs and establishing a high value strategic business technology and IT services plan for the fast growing organization.”

– Chief Information Officer

Many consulting companies claim to be results-driven. They take precious time to interview your staff, create flashy presentations, only to echo back information you already know. At Center Mast, the outcome is always the north star goal. Below are our recent success stories and testimonials, which we feel speak for themselves. 

Success Stories

Case Study: A fast-moving Silicon Valley startup with 2,000+ employees and over $1B in revenue required its new CIO to build a mature IT practice capable of taking the company through its initial public offering (IPO) and beyond.

The Challenge

The new CIO of a well-known cloud storage and collaboration company knew she had her work cut out for her. Within her first year, she needed to form a completely new IT department, improve sales and marketing technology capabilities, instantiate a modern business intelligence platform, and ensure everything was compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations as the company had a near-term IPO goal. 

Hiring new leaders one-by-one would take many months to realize results, so the CIO turned to Center Mast to expedite long-term results while achieving numerous quick wins.

Center Mast Impact

Center Mast immediately assimilated into a peer leader role with the CIO, straddling strategy and tactics simultaneously in order to drive rapid results with the least amount of staffing possible.

In less than two months, Center Mast had co-synthesized organizational challenges and solution paths with the CIO, delivered first iteration roadmaps, budgets, and staffing plans. Center Mast subject matter expertise in marketing technology and data analytics bolstered business credibility, which enabled the CIO to move forward with deploying new technologies which would have otherwise stalled due to security and compliance scrutiny. In less than a year, Center Mast assisted the CIO with building a BI practice, deploying multiple new martech capabilities, instantiated a new program management portfolio, and delivered virtually countless other strategic CIO asks along the way.

Case Study: A Japanese multinational conglomerate with $12B in revenue needed to quickly consolidate multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems deployed across numerous operating companies.

The Challenge

From a modest idea born in Tokyo during the early 90s to what is now a familiar brand name in dozens of countries, the success of this company’s video game division is truly phenomenal. Yet such rapid growth required multiple acquisitions of companies located around the world. Over the years, the expanding technology sprawl had simply become too complex to manage and needed an overarching simplification strategy.

Like many companies, the first approach was an attempt to leverage the parent company’s ERP infrastructure. Yet adoption proved too difficult for the younger, faster-moving subsidiaries. The company then engaged with one of the largest consultancies on the planet, who pushed a single “one-size-fits-all” vendor-centric solution, which of course did not work, either.

The company needed outside expertise to provide an objective, practical strategy that worked well for both global and local operating companies.

Center Mast Impact

With the project already under way, taking time to “reset” simply wasn’t an option. Center Mast hit the ground running and quickly compiled an aggregate enterprise application portfolio across multiple lines of business.

Rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all solution, Center Mast sliced and diced the entire enterprise by business capability and key business processes, then created phase-in and phase-out plans for applications serving key business areas. Like changing the tires on a car in motion, there were many constraints; the supply chain management domain could not be touched during the holiday shipping season, but tightly-coupled financial and ecommerce systems were being swapping in and out at a break-neck pace.

Strategy is great but tactics matter, too. Center Mast “rolled up its sleeves” and provided architecture solutions to deliver a data integration platform to loosely couple once tightly-bound systems. This freed up large swaths of the business to move independently from one another while being managed with existing in-house resources.

The challenge was incredibly complex, yet the resultant strategy and plans were simple and easy to understand. More importantly, Center Mast deliverables aligned multiple operating companies, lines of business, and several incumbent consultancies who were all formerly at an impasse.


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