Center Mast is focused on solving some of the most complex problems faced by companies of today. By plotting a methodical trajectory of success, companies can avoid the mistakes associated with organic, unplanned growth seen in many modern enterprises.

How Center Mast is Different

Most of the large consulting firms operate in a similar manner. They drop consultants in, the consultants absorb valuable employee time with interviews and surveys, and finally the consultants create “reports” and “findings” which effectively reiterate what you already know. Real results are always “just another SOW away.”

Center Mast is vastly different. Built on years of intertwined business and technology experience, Center Mast leverages novel and proprietary approaches to quickly provide decision makers with key information so they may quickly make informed decisions, invest in the right areas, and compete the break-neck pace of of business today.

Center Mast stands a cut above other consulting firms in more ways than one. As a boutique firm, you work with a dedicated individual from start to finish; there’s no “bait and switch” consulting here. And as with other consulting firms who focus on specific functions of an organization, enterprise-wide business and technology architecture is where Center Mast shines. This holistic perspective connects the dots across business functions, technology, and strategy so that fewer consultants can deliver better results on expedited timelines.