Move From Uncertainty to Opportunity.

Economic downturns, global pandemics, and the fourth industrial revolution. Times have never been more complex or uncertain. This new norm warrants a new set of strategies, and Center Mast is the new breed of consulting firm you need.

The Center Mast Advantage

Our breadth and depth in high-tech business set us apart the competition. Unlike “big four” consulting firms who rely on a revolving door of subject matter experts at astronomical hourly rates, Center Mast focuses on value-based consulting using only seasoned veterans of the business technology world. Put simply: the team you meet on day-1 is the team that remains with you until you are nothing less than delighted with our service. 

Revenue and Growth Consulting

Whether looking to increase top-line revenue, create better margins for bottom-line profit, or simply move faster: Center Mast has the real-world experience you need. 


  • Top Line Growth – New products, different pricing models, and out-of-the-box customer acquisition models are just a sample of the many different levers to pull when it comes to growth. Learning which to use and when is key. 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) – Develop your portfolio strategy and build a winning M&A pipeline to compliment your existing products with a buy-versus-build preference. 
  • Operational Efficiency – Many companies, especially startups, grow quickly on VC funding in order to secure market share. Yet once customers are acquired, activated, and generating revenue, cost of revenue becomes a concern; especially for post-IPO companies. Center Mast has expertise in lowering operational overhead via many different mechanisms; from offshoring and remote workforce deployment to partnership development. 
  • Systems and Process Rationalization – Often times, companies get in their own way to success. They have a great product or service, but the processes which got them started no longer scale. Companies need real-world, proven advice when it comes to scaling up. Examples range from building internal shared services to culling technology redundancy and optimizing vendor spend.  
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Strategy Consulting

Unlike many “management consulting” firms which specialize in one area, Center Mast uses a holistic approach to strategy to examine the enterprise from top-down, and side-to-side. We examine your products, customers, partners, and ultimately help you develop a set of strategies to capitalize on your strengths and alleviate your weaknesses. 

Digital Transformation

Enterprise systems such as point of sale (PoS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and marketing technology (martech) stacks must be routinely modernized to meet customer and compliance demands; yet the these systems also need to remain functional in order to run the business. Like changing the tires on a moving car, maintaining the balance between modernization and operational stability is always a challenge.
By taking a macro-level view of multiple systems and processes, Center Mast has the expertise and methods to not only design future-state solutions, but transitional architectures to bridge the gap between current-state pain and future improvement. Center Mast has designed technology solution architectures that have enabled household name brands to take advantage of programmatic digital advertising, unified identity management, and move countless on-premises applications to the cloud.

Capability Development

Capabilities are collections of people, process, and technology. Rather than focusing on individual tools like Marketo or Oracle ERP, a capability describes what you want to achieve before delving into the how. Examples of top-level capabilities include sales and marketing management, financial management, and compliance. Each business capability has multiple supporting child capabilities and processes, and of course, plenty of technology infrastructure. 

Building a roadmap based on capabilities ensures that the enterprise is focused on its north-star goal versus chasing the infinite waves of tooling and technology fads which come and go. 

Strategic Planning

Do you know where you company will be in 1, 3, and 5 years? Understanding where your company is headed involves assessing numerous inputs, from as internal strength and weakness assessment and external competitive intelligence. 

Competitive intelligence (CI) is an area of expertise at Center Mast. Well-known brands use our competitive intelligence subscription services to make both strategic and tactical decisions. Ready to learn more?

Building a Powerpoint presentation with mission statements and goals is easy. Yet operationalizing that strategy is one of the hardest things a company will ever do. To be successful, the corporate culture needs frameworks that are simple to track and easy for all to understand. From long-range mission planning to near-term OKR development, Center Mast can rapidly deliver performance management roadmaps in the amount of time it takes larger consulting firms to form a team and schedule the first kickoff meeting. 

Product and Platform Strategy

Many companies need to move to the subscription economy. Most will move too slowly, and be cannibalized by the competition. Center Mast helps bridge the gap from where your products and platforms are today, to where they need to be tomorrow. This is achieved through our unique combination of deep technical expertise and high-tech business experience. From business decision around billing and SKUs to how to automate using pre-built components, we have real-world experience with some of the best-known names in the world.

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