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Center Mast competitive intelligence is a CI-as-a-Service offering. Subscribers rapidly gain access to custom-tailored technology and unique consulting services that deliver exclusive insights found nowhere else. 

How We Help

Most companies know competitive intelligence is important. Yet the practice of CI is expensive to built as it requires investments in staff and tooling. As a Silicon Valley company, we pride ourselves on the lean-and-mean approach to rapid results. As such, we quickly assemble laser-focused metrics to enable better strategic decisions.

Within a few days, you can be monitoring your competitors moves using state-of-the-art tooling and custom metrics designed specifically for you. 

Solving Pain Points with Competitive Intelligence

Companies do not exist in a vacuum. Rather, they contend for market share within shared marketspaces. This means companies compete for talent, customers, and of course revenue.
Companies that fail to monitor their competition risk:
  • wasting millions of dollars in advertising
  • building irrelevant products and features
  • blindly imitating competitors when smarter methods exist
With proper competitive intelligence, companies may:
  • Build better defensible positions within their marketspaces
  • Gain situational awareness of competitor’s products and features
  • Make better, faster, and more efficient business decisions

Return on Investment

The average M&A analyst or product marketer salary is over six figures. It takes time to recruit, hire, and onboard those employees, so productivity takes at least 3-6 months to realize. Then tools are needed, which means more expenses; at least another six figures. Assuming this all comes together, it can all come crashing down if that employee decides to leave the organization for greener pastures. 

This is precisely why we at Center Mast created a CI-as-a-Service model. We provide rapid competitive intelligence value in a manner that can easily scale up or down, all while passing along our technology economies of scale.

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As Center Mast has already made investments in tooling, we pass those economies of scale (savings) to our subscribers. We also have a bench of talent at the ready, which equates to faster time to value. 
While competitive intelligence can avoid costly strategic decisions, it also has operational value. For example, enumerating your company’s strengths as well as your competitor’s weaknesses can quickly be turned into marketing collateral in order to win sales opportunities. Moreover, understanding your competitor’s partners and customers can optimize focus for your advertising campaigns, LeadGen, or other marketing activities. 

Who Uses CI?

What's Included

After an initial consultation, a dedicated Center Mast consultant will configure your portal used to monitor your macro market, competitors, and other custom-tailored metrics. 

Every competitive intelligence subscription includes:


  • A macro market metrics, showing addressable market, growth, and key players.
  • Three or more direct competitors to monitor
  • M&A boards (executive and M&A offerings)
  • Advertising metrics (marketer offering)

Want to Learn More?

Contact us today to learn more about how Center Mast can turbo-charge your competitive intelligence program. Our CI subscription services typically cost less than a single competitive intelligence tool alone, and can be delivered in a matter of days. Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.