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Center Mast has built enterprise architecture practices for some of the best-known companies in the world. Fortune 500 CEOs, CTOs, and COOs depend on Center Mast for objective, no-nonsense advisory services to keep strategic programs moving in the right direction. 

About Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture (EA) is all about taking a holistic approach to running your business. EA looks beyond functional boundaries to enumerate business processes, systems, data, and infrastructure that span the entire enterprise. As new new business objectives emerge, an EA discipline optimizes use existing resources, and when needed, the best way to or augment existing assets with new capabilities. 
A business is like a busy airport. There are planes taking off, planes landing, and baggage crews scrambling about the tarmac. Enterprise architecture is like the air traffic control tower watching and orchestrating with “just enough governance” to ensure crews are working together, with no mid-air collisions. 

Ultimately, enterprise architecture saves time and money by simplifying the complex and aligning technology endeavors to corporate objectives. 

Pain Points Solved with EA

To appreciate enterprise architecture, it may be easier to explain life without EA first. Organizations without enterprise-level designs and processes often exhibit the following behavior:
  • Project execute in a silo with no semblance of orchestration
  • Leaders aren’t aligned on corporate vision 
  • A preference toward buying tools versus designing solutions
  • Infighting and tactical disagreement among department leaders
  • Expensive software churn: tools are purchased, replaced with new tools, then replaced again
  • Painfully long delivery times to produce new products
  • Over-complexity with business systems
  • SaaS software sprawl with many overlapping tools
  • Legacy system challenges that never seem to go away

How EA as a Service Works

First, a seasoned enterprise architect will be assigned to your account. The EA’s first order of business it so “x-ray” your organization; enumerating key business capabilities and processes to applications, data, and infrastructure. Our time-tested processes and resultant artifacts have been used countless times within many of the Fortune 500 companies, so getting up to speed with your “as-is” landscape has never been faster. This process alone can provide tremendous value to executives who have never seen the comprehensive union of business processes and supporting technology throughout their enterprise.

Once the as-is landscape is mapped out, understanding potential capability gaps comes next. This stage assesses strengths and weaknesses of the existing enterprise capabilities, and commences the lifespan of the organization’s capability map.

As an ongoing practice, the EA provides executives with insights, recommendations, and strategies for achieving immediate business goals on both a routine and ad-hoc basis as needed. All artifacts can be stored on customer document repositories, or with Center Mast’s mobile-friendly, cloud-based content management system powered by Atlassian Confluence. 

Return on Investment

The same value as an internal EA team, but at a fraction of the cost. 
If that sounds too good to be true, allow us to explain.
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Average annual savings
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ROI realized by actual customers

Most people don’t have a full-time personal trainer, accountant, or lawyer. Instead, people leverage these services as needed, up to the point of apex value. For many mid-sized (and at times, large) companies, enterprise architecture is rarely a full-time job. As such, practitioners of EA take on additional activities such as solution architecture, conducting governance rituals, and light vendor management. While those are valuable activities, we at Center Mast focus strictly on EA, and EA alone. This approach allows us to deliver the right amount of EA at the right time. As a customer, you benefit from an EA practice that is both scalable and elastic.

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