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If you have played a video game, stored a file in the cloud, or read a news article within the past decade, there’s an excellent change you’ve already used a system designed by Center Mast. 

Data and Analytics Consulting

Amazon data lakes. Snowflake cloud data warehouses. iPaaS platforms. Reporting tools. It’s fair to say the business intelligence and data science tooling space has become crowded, and will only grow as companies realize data is the new currency of the customer. Fortunately, unlocking the value of data doesn’t always require millions of dollars in investments. It does, however, require a strategy. 

As internal departments continue to invest in data and analytics tooling, they inherently create tooling redundancy and “split views” of data nobody can agree on. This occurs as not all metrics are departmental, and metrics must be always be certified to some degree; especially when they are cross-functional. 

Building a BI or data analytics practice can be both nimble and well-governed when future-proofed correctly. Center Mast has designed data solutions for companies which:

  • Serviced hundreds of millions of daily users
  • Handled e-commerce and EDI for revenue streams well into the billion+ range
  • Served near real-time analytics on terrabytes of data
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Whether you’re looking to build your first data warehouse, take your analytics from on-premises to the cloud, or looking to build an advanced data science team, we have you covered. 

Sales and Marketing Systems Consulting

Bridging the gap between outbound sales, customer success, inbound digital marketing, brand marketing campaigns means coalescing cross functional programs (such as lead generation and marketing attribution) among different teams and tech stacks.

The martech landscape boasts over 7,000 applications, and is expected to get even larger over time. Meanwhile, CMOs and chief revenue offers wonder whether they’ve made the right investments, and whether their technology stacks are future-proofed.

Pulling together operational ESPs, DMP/CDP platforms, and ad tech stacks requires a holistic approach; especially when analytical metrics need to be captured across multiple systems. This simply will not happen without an overarching strategy and roadmap, and Center Mast has done exactly this for some of the largest and well-known brands in the world.

Ad Tech

The digital marketing market size is anticipated to grown beyond $400 billion dollars annually in the coming years. Advertising platforms may have great internal metrics, but those metrics must be married with internal marketing systems data to truly understand customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, and numerous other key performance indicators.
Building the bridge between SaaS-based Ad platforms and other martech systems is challenging; especially in a GDPR-compliant world. Center Mast has first-hand experience building such solutions for established companies who must operate a extremely large scale while protecting the integrity of their brand.

Multi Touch Attribution (MTA)

Sales, marketing, advertising, and customer care are but a few processes found throughout the customer-centric user journey. Knowing which points of the journey have the most impact is key to optimizing the experience for your customers as well as maximizing the value of your sales and marketing budget.

From introductory single-touch attribution to complex, dynamically-weighted MTA, it’s all about measuring and evolving. Stitching together many different sales and marketing systems is a daunting challenge no single tool can conquer. A comprehensive solution architecture is required from a firm like Center Mast who is both experienced and vendor-neutral. 

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

The “holy grail” of sales and marketing is to see customer activity end-to-end. That means tracking users across devices, across properties, and over time. This requires complex orchestration well-planned data architecture to stitch together user activity via deterministic and probabilistic methods. Moreover, understanding what your competitors are doing is key as well. With Center Mast competitive intelligence, you can a better understanding of where your competitors are advertising, which keywords they’re using, and who they’re partnering with. 

Competitive intelligence (CI) is an area of expertise at Center Mast. Well-known brands use our competitive intelligence subscription services to make both strategic and tactical decisions. Read to learn more?

As with many other martech solutions, building a CDP ins’t as simple as buying a vendor’s tool. Rather, it is a capability that is enabled through a combination of tools, processes, and adherence to compliance laws. Center Mast will never resell any vendor solution. Therefore we design what’s best for the customer over the long haul, as tools will inevitably come and go. 

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