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Center Mast provides executives with solutions to real-world challenges via a combination of deep technical expertise and management experience.

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What We Are All About

Center Mast provides executives with solutions to real-world challenges via a combination of deep technical expertise and management experience that has been field-tested at some of the fastest-moving companies on the planet. And unlike other consulting firms who force-fit you into a predefined mold, Center Mast is focused on delivering results in a manner that aligns with your corporate culture.

How We Help

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the continuous reshaping of technology, process, and human skills that enable an organization to remain nimble and competitive.

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Transforming an enterprise to make better use of data or to modernize a key technology stack doesn’t happen overnight. However, it should not take years of effort nor armies of expensive consultants to get started, either.

Center Mast combines industry-standard models with constantly-updated best practices to quickly identify areas of improvement and to build roadmaps which internal teams can then run with on their own. Put simply: Center Mast delivers world-class results, in expedited fashion, at a fraction of the cost offered by “larger” consulting firms.

Solution architecture is focused on delivering specific business solutions such as ERP, CRM, or cross-functional security solutions. Unlike general integration consultants who only focus on a particular product, Center Mast focuses on the end-to-end, cross-functional solution. In other words, the holistic solution required to deliver the actual business outcome.

Solution Architecture

Executive Support

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From helping a new CIO assess the IT landscape to building a technology roadmap for the board of directors, executive support is delivered in many different ways. Center Mast has proven experience building enterprise strategies for executives, particularly when executive staff teams are new, growing, or happen to be missing key members.

In practice, this is achieved by first mapping out an enterprise’s current-state applications, data, business processes, and infrastructure. These key data points are then used to make informed decisions around where to invest and why.

While there are many benefits to building an enterprise architecture practice, some organizations prefer not to hire full-time employees in architecture roles at first. For companies that prefer the “try before you buy” model, Center Mast can offer enterprise architecture services that can be self-sufficient on their own, or alternatively, serve as a foundation and rapid ramp-up to a practice eventually ran by full-time employees.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture saves time and money by simplifying the complex and aligning technology endeavors to corporate objectives.

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