Center Mast is a specialized consulting firm operated exclusively by David Torre.  A technology veteran of nearly 20 years with advanced degrees in information systems and business intelligence, David’s unique combination of skills has enabled him to deliver cyber security, cloud, and data solutions to some of the top companies in the world.


  • As a new CIO to the organization, you need to get your arms wrapped around what the current state is and formulate a go forward strategy. The breadth and depth to do this well requires a deep experience in all aspects of IT and the business. Center Mast brings this to the table and immediately drives high value and quality results. In just three months, we have a deep understanding of the organization’s strategic needs, a plan of action and we have established a strong relationship and trust with our business partners to be enablers for the company. I highly recommend Center Mast to all IT senior leaders who want to accelerate their ability to have impact. Center Mast was essential in rapidly identifying the needs and establishing a high value strategic business technology and IT services plan for the fast growing organization.

    CIO of Cloud Software Company

  • Center Mast has a tremendous drive, work ethic, and passion for their work. They were always there for us to answer any questions or concerns we had in the process of onboarding them to help us build out a POS roadmap as well as a BI data roadmap. The level of professionalism was above what we had seen from other vendors, and we will always think of them when future projects come up.

    Director, Enterprise Marketing Technology

  • Center Mast was a God sent to our non-profit organization. Center Mast has allowed us to come from the stone ages to today’s technological age. We are now able to perform our case management entries and see the reportable dynamics of our case data. We are able to quickly review, schedule, and update our records. Center Mast researched and formulated a solution to extract 30 years of data while working side by side of Victim Services personnel.

    Executive Director