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Enterprise Data Strategy

Data powers the modern enterprise, and as such, IT leaders must understand key concepts within the enterprise data space. This ebook covers data terminology, operational and analytical reporting basics, and the fundamentals of data warehousing. 

Enterprise Architecture as a Service Whitepaper

This whitepaper conveys the challenges associated with in-house enterprise architecture practices and how IT leadership can realize faster results with external expertise.

CIO Power Tools

In this book you’ll learn how to build a personal kanban board to keep your 30/60/90 plan on track, how to model your enterprise with a business model canvas, map organizational and tech structures, and gain basic financial acumen by learning how to read an income statement.

A CIO’s First 90 Days

This ebook outlines simple tools and techniques necessary to methodically canvass the organization’s stakeholders, key business systems, and enterprise needs as your foundation for perpetual IT leadership.

Find Relief in Just Five Minutes

There are no hard sells during initial conversations. Trust precedes deals, and trust is built over time. Take five minutes to get to know me, and test my abilities with the hardest challenges on your plate. A five minute conversation may change your life.