Center Mast Resources

In addition to consulting services, Center Mast produces tools and resources to provide differentiated service offerings not found anywhere else. Click on an offering below to learn more.

Business Glossary

A glossary of common business terms.

Competitive Intelligence Metrics

Learn how various competitive intelligence metrics can enable better strategic planning and decision making. Based on Center Mast Competitive Intelligence-as-a-Service metrics.

Five Ways Competitive Intelligence Pays for Itself eBook

In this guide, you’ll learn five ways in which a modest investment in competitive intelligence (CI) can pay for itself rather quickly.

Enterprise Data Strategy eBook

Enterprise Data Strategy – The Manager’s Survival Guide is the an eBook download intended to help managers navigate the crowded and convoluted waters of modern operational and analytical environments.

Organizational Goals Book

Businesses don’t grow in a vacuum. If you want your company to find success and enjoy sustainable, meaningful growth, then you need to set goals that are SMART, achievable, and balanced.

EA as a Service Product Brochure

Our EA-as-a-service product brochure explains our three service offerings, deliverables, and overall value of the offering.