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The Pain of Corporate Purchasing Making a significant purchase within the enterprise can be challenging. Justification of new software, infrastructure, or consulting may necessitate many iterations of grueling explanations. Yet it doesn’t need to be this difficult. 

More Extremes and Pendulum Swings In the past four years or so, I’ve been fortunate enough to work on numerous projects involving modern infrastructure. I’m referring to 100% cloud-based storage/network/compute environments used to drive customer-facing products. Some of these infrastructures were transformational (moving from legacy data centers to the cloud) and others were greenfields born […]

Can You Spot the Problem? Within the enterprise, the demand for resources typically commences with some semblance of structure: a project review board, an OKR, or some other respectable methodology. But gradually, scope creep rears its ugly head; typically by way of a preemptive priority. Something “urgent” comes about which thrusts us into loose-knit teams […]


Getting Ahead of the SaaS Sprawl Curve The promise of platforms– one solution to do everything within a business unit– really fell short in many ways. However, that doesn’t mean platforms shouldn’t be employed nor does it mean we should allow SaaS point solutions to sprawl out of control. Rather, the goal should be to […]

If it feels like your company is moving too slow, it probably is. When everyone becomes concerned with everything, then nothing seems to move forward. So, when departmental synchronicity hits a point of diminishing returns, the new way forward may be through decoupled operations.  Background Digital transformation, bringing a new product to market, or modernizing […]

Gaining competitive advantage requires an investment in competitive intelligence tools and resources. Yet for many companies, enterprise architects can provide some of these capabilities right away. 

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Background There’s a lot of buzz about robotic process automation (RPA) these days, and many companies I consult for are either experimenting with RPA or performing small-scale implementations of it. Now that I’ve been exposed to several modern RPA initiatives, I’m seeing some repeatable patterns, and thought I’d write a quick blog article about them.

Triangulation is a methodology leaders employ which combines inputs in order to overcome bias and other intrinsic decision-making weaknesses. Although noble in its intent, triangulation often leaves its participants feeling mistrusted and pitted against one another.

Enterprise software providers love to talk up their platforms, but can they actually deliver on their promises? It may be time for a reality check. 

A single enterprise may own hundreds of SaaS applications; each with a particular spend and risk posture. Without a strategy, this sprawl will only continue to worsen.